Raška, Serbia


Yeke or DJ Yeke is artist name of Ivan Jekić. Interested in listening electronic music, and began to be interested and engaged mixing and release the same, way back in 1997 year. Listening to the radio show "Disco meeting" on the then popular Radio 202, orientation i music taste and choice of music, which was turned on the disco, funky sound. Year 1999th achieves its first residents of the club "Camel", Raska. Since 2004. by autumn 2007. musical taste has changed, mostly in his possession a club, latin and tribal elements, who has most be inspiration. Playing in cities of central and southern Serbia, Kosovo, cafes and clubs along Montenegro beach. At 2007. year chosing and in sets spinning funky-tribal-tech and tech-house sound, also and techno, with more and more involved minimal elements and solid bass strings. Sound in set's is funky, groovy, happy beat's... tribal and tech element's... little bit of everything for everyone.


- PSTBOBBRC2014 , Patent Skillz / VA - THE BEST OF BREGUCHA BEATPORT REMIX CONTEST, DJ Lion, Gramophonedzie - Bregucha - Milos Pesovic & Yeke Remix , -

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Ivan Jekić


Club, Disco, World music