lecco, Italy


"Stranger In My Town" is an instrumental Stoner / Post-Rock project formed in 2014 from Lecco/Bergamo (Italy). It all started as a trio: Allan guitar, Marco bass & Spero on drums, they started playing together making crazy-long jams based on improvisation. The different music backgrounds and influences blended in a sort of common ground with heavy guitar riffs, groove, atmosphere and psychedelia. In November 2015 Isacco, joined the project as a second guitar, giving more strength and power to the rhythm section, that was the beginning of the transition process between "Jams" and "songs" in June 2016 the band is ready to record the first full lenght EP Starting From The jam tapes and from new material, the band decided to record a 6 track debut EP in June 2016 simply entitled Vol I, the recording is entirely LIve and done in almost in 3 days. here you can listen to it: Now the band is currently searching for live situations in Italy and abroad working on new material, with actually 2 new songs ready to go. Doing featurings with singers, since the EP is instrumental, with interesting results: SIMT is all about riffs, fun, dynamics, psychedelia and heavy sounds with a desert feel ....


Stranger In My Town - "Vol I" Full lenght EP (2016)

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Allan Pigliacampo - Guitar 1 Isacco Frigerio - Guitar 2 Marco Munari - Bass guitar Enrico Sperone - Drums


Alternative Rock, Metal, Psychadelic Rock