Cluj-Napoca, Romania


Modiwo: a fresh voice in pop music with electronic vibes and continuous search for expressing personal emotion. 5 members, 20 instruments, over 300 concerts. Birth of a concept: 12.12.2012. Modiwo is a band from Cluj-Napoca that in a short time managed to captivate the jury of the UK Songwriting Contest with their two singles and reach the finals Global Battle of the Bands. It’s the first indie band in Romania that exceeded 500,000 plays on Soundcloud. Since 2013 Modiwo participated in local si international festivals, such as Woodstock, Trypilske Kolo, Gustar, Heritage Fest, Atmasfera Fest, Peninsula, Japan Play, Padina Fest, Napoca Music Event, Transylvania Music and Art Festival etc., as well as many charity events. Strong beat, dance feel, positive message, creative instrumentation are only few of Modiwo’s traits. We combine the cool of the modern with the cool of the traditional, using modern influences like electronic pop, dubstep, tropical house, to revive and recontextualize tribal instruments like didgeridoo, djembe, shakuhachi, jaw harp etc. Modiwo’s multicultural asset manifests also through its members, bringing together five musicians from neighboring nations: Romania, Ukraine and Hungary.


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Oxana Gherghel - vocal, keyboard, hand drums Adrian Gherghel - didgeredoo, percussion, hand drums Renata Laszlo - flute, saxophone, shakuhachi and other wind instruments Tudor Lupascu - bass guitar Vlad Somesean- drum set


Alternative, Pop, World music