Dunaújváros, Hungary


First encounter with music I had even before I was born since music is a central part of my family’s interests. I spend 7 years in music elementary school learning drums which immediately developed my love to rhythm instruments. I believe this influenced developing interest in electronic music in my adulthood. Ever since I got my first walkman I never went anywhere without earphones in my ears. I love to constantly discover new musical directions, new releases and when it comes to music directions I am really open to different genres from classical music, through hip hop all the way to the newest styles of music. In 2015 I met a DJ on Sint Maarten who introduced me to a life of a DJ. He gave me a chance to work beside him and learn. After a lot of lessons and practice I had my first chance to perform in front of the crowd b2b with mentioned friend. Surprisingly, it went very well which lead to me playing with him the following month. My progress enabled me to perform alone, while still working on improving my skills. After first solo performance I got 3 residencies in different clubs on Sint Maarten, which over the two years grew and in the last six months on the Island I played 5 times a week in different clubs. Other than my regular residencies, I performed on a couple of special events/festivals after parties organized on the island , like SXM Festival; Escape Late Lounge SXM; August Monday warm up party, etc. Six months after I got into DJ-ing, when the high season on the Island started couple of friends and I organized a series of events from December to May with a theme “Full moon beach party” which took place every full moon in this period. This was a completely new concept to the parties that took place on the Island so, naturally the popularity of the event grew, which allowed us to continue organizing them throughout the season. For the next high season (from this December) the plan was to continue with the organization of these and more events but unfortunately Sint Maarten was hit by the strongest Hurricane ever recorded on Atlantic Ocean, which completely destroyed our paradise Island. This forced me and a lot of other people to return homes and leave our dream lives behind, get out of our comfort zones and try to make other dreams (like playing on one of the best major music festivals) come through. Since January of 2018 I’m performing regularly at Bar Kažte in Novi Sad and opening up for other places around Hungary. 

I believe my dreams will come true.


Formed in



Kornél Kuti


House, Progressive, Techno