Timișoara, Romania


JazzyBIT (born on February 2, 2012, Timișoara, Romania) is a trio consisting of Teodor Pop (piano, keys), Mihai Moldoveanu (bass) and Szabó Csongor-Zsolt (drums), which offers an energetic combination of jazz and rock, scattered here and there with blues, latin and funk. Having won the Newcomer Award for 2013 awarded by the “Muzza” Foundation Bucharest, they independently released their first album “Touch the Sky” at the beginning of 2014, an album which reached number 9 in the controversial Romanian music top “Muzici și Faze”. They have played over 100 concerts in Romania, but also in Hungary (Budapest Jazz Club and the famous A38), Austria and Italy, where they got to be finalists in the European Jazz Award competition of the Tuscia in Jazz festival. The band returns in 2016 with their second album “Horizon”, recorded at the famous “SuperSize Recording” studio in Budapest, and published at the EM Records label, which reaches number 11 in the “Muzici și Faze” Romanian music ranking. The “Horizon” album release tour makes JazzyBIT return to the Gărâna Jazz Festival (for the third time in the last four years) after a club run in a few famous locations from the European circuit, like the “Control” Club from Bucharest, and culminates with a show at the grand “Untold” Festival in Cluj-Napoca. At the end of 2016 JazzyBIT receives the Timișoara Jazz Award for the Group of the Year. In 2017 JazzyBIT plays in the legendary jazz clubs “Sunset Sunside” in Paris and “Reduta Jazz Club” in Prague, and also starts the “Subcarpați x JazzyBIT” project, a merge between the music of the two groups.


Horizon (2016) Touch the Sky (2014)

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Teodor Pop (piano, keys) Mihai Moldoveanu (bass) Szabó Csongor-Zsolt (drums)


Fusion, Instrumental, Jazz