Samara, Russia


God Syndrome is a melodic death metal band based in Russia and formed in 2011 by former Devilish Distance leader Sergey Aksenov and Vitaly Mitsek, guitar player of Dimension of Doomed. Accompanied by the drummer Alexandr Krut, vocalist Pavel Bamburov and bassist Dmitry Kuznetsov, the band started its way within the local scene quickly establishing as one of the most promising local metal bands. The studio work in cooperation with the session drummer Konstantin Kalkatinov resulted in an early 2013 debut release – EP “Downfall Omen” that highlighted the main concept of band’s music – a refined symbiosis of Swedish, Polish and American death metal with the strong touch of melody. The EP containing five vigorous tracks was mixed and mastered by the famous Hertz recording studio. It had been released by independent Russian label Mazzar records and received some favorable reviews in local underground metal media. After that the band started to work upon the full-length release along with rocking the local stage and playing multiple shows in Russia. The hard studio work was finished in 2016 and the band had presented to attention of all the listeners its first full-length album – “Controverse” that was released by Mazzar records. The album was recorded in cooperation with Pawel “Pawulon” Jaroszewicz (drummer of Hate and Antigama, ex-Decapitated, ex-Vader), who did a brilliant work as a session drummer. The melodies became more grim and atmospheric, massive death metal riffage became more distinctive and lyrics had put new questions about the life’s controversies. The artwork and layout design by the well-known dark arts master W. Smerdulak added the last stroke in the album’s complete image. “Controverse” was acclaimed by Russian underground metal media as one of the best recent melodic death metal releases of 2016. It also received some warm reviews from underground European webzines. In support for their firstborn LP God Syndrome played several shows around Russia as special guests and shared the stage with such bands as Vader, Marduk, Decapitated, Hate and Fleshgod Apocalypse. The live performances by God Syndrome were highly appreciated by listeners for its energy and atmosphere. Crowning up the hard work by internet single “The Den”, the band now continues to work upon the new material and prepares for future shows in order to achieve their goal of bringing the powerful and atmospheric metal music to its listeners all around the world.


EP "Downfall Omen" (2013), LP "Controverse" (2016), Single "The Den" (2016),

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Pavel Bamburov - vocals; Sergey Aksenov - guitars; Dmitry Kuznetsov - bass; Alexander Krut - drums;


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