Mexico City, Mexico


Epileptics was formed in mid 2013 in Mexico City, after being disillusioned with the black metal and gothic scenes they decided to try something different and new, choosing the pseudonyms "razorz" and "failure" (19 and 21 respectivily at the time) they start experimenting with analogue and digital synths and drum machines, created a Soundcloud profile and uploaded their first single "Black Candlez" and a couple of monthe later "Esoteric", which quickly received attention and buzz from the self-called "witch house" and "new rave" scenes and they received gig offers from Spain and Russia due to the unique mix and experimentation with genres such as; rave, indie, electropunk. 8bit, glitch, noise, black metal, synthpop, goth, etc / Receiving positive coverage from mainly european websites, and generating buzz about their real identities and whereabouts. they get contacted by russian label "YOUTH 1984" in 2014 to participate in a couple of compilations of dark rave/experimental music, in October '14 the label released a compilation of all of their original material and songs uploaded to Soundcloud and Bandcamp, with a bleak aesthetic and lyrical subjects about physical and mental disorders, disillusions of life and the occult; it quickly becomes sold out and creates notable attention from the russian alternative scene, their songs start getting played at major parties and raves in Europe, minor/local fashion shows and a censored commercial ad by the controversial german clothing label "Heroin Kids Clothing" / Also garnering acclaim for remixing the likes of SALEM, Crystal Castles, Atari Teenage Riot, CRIM3S, t.A.T.u, The Prodigy, also making mixtapes for american goth/alternative american radio station (WFKU), blogs and little clothing labels, they managed to get attention from a couple of major artists and are ready to start doing live shows, the first one being opening for The Prodigy at Mexico City at one of the most important venues of the country. / The band released theur debut EP on the legendary spanish indie label FIKA SOUND "THE SUN HURTS MY EYES" getting rave reviews from critics and fans alike worldwide. “The Jesus and Mary Chain of the XXI Century” – Vanishing Point (Spain) / “Drugs, rave, Lucifer and lots of hate” – Teoría Pop (Mexico) / “The future of electronic music, this band is the next Crystal Castles” – Hail Pop! (Spain) / “Band of the week” – This is Underground (Spain) / “We are extremely excited to see where they go in rave culture” - Goldenboy Press (U.S.) / “Disturbing, inevitable and somehow invisible personality” - (Spain) / “Smashing rave sound, upbeat music for sad people” – YOUTH 1984 (Russia) / "Syrrealisme, formidable" - Daisy Berkowitz (Marilyn Manson)/ "tight! i sEe tHiNgz" - Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit)/


EPILEPTICS (2014, YOUTH1984) / I Don't Want to Have Sex With You [Single] (2016, All Hail Pessimism! Records) The Sun Hurts My Eyes (2017 FIKASOUND)

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razorz - vocals/electronics dann k - vocals/electronics


Alternative, Indie, Rave