Zagreb, Croatia


BUNTAI is Croatian trap/hip-hop group formed in 2016. It consists of three rappers/vocalists - ¥UNG BUD€, Bujo Flame$, 13oki and producer DeepSix. They have released two mixtapes (Undead EP, 10,000) and are currently working on their first studio album named N O S T A L G I A. They are also collaborating on other projects with artists from Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia. BUNTAI performed in various cities including Zagreb (CRO), Rijeka (CRO), Ljubljana (SLO) and also as one of headliners at Graffiti na Gradele festival at Island of Brač (CRO). They base their sound on mixture of modern club trap bangers and South Florida underground trap scene.


Undead EP - 2016. 10, 000 mixtape - 2017. N O S TA L G I A - TBA 2018.

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¥UNG BUD€ - rapper/vocalist Bujo Flame$ - rapper/vocalist 13oki - rapper/vocalist DeepSix - producer


Hip-Hop, Other, Rap