Gradiška, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Branco D (Branko Djunic) born 27.11.1992. in Gradiska (RS, Bosnia and Herzegovina). With gigs he started 2005 in Club Hacienda (resident), currently he is resident in BAZA Cafe & Lounge Bar in Gradiska, also it's important to tell that he have full support from local and regional DJ's, with production he started 2010 by name DJ Djunzzz, one release for Hutman Records (Charshia EP). Also need for mention, he is also one of creator of Summer Love Festival in his hometown, this will be 5th year of SLF, they have full support from local people, support from many DJ's from Croatia, Serbia (TKNO, Ilija Djokovic, D.F.K., Fabian Jakopetz,...) because they were at Summer Love Festival and they want to come again! Need to mention 2 things, 1. place in regional contest in Club Shakers in Banja Luka, and 2. place on Adrenalin DJ Fest in Banja Luka. He visited in his carrier many towns and states (Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia for first time in May), gigs, festivals, humanity gigs,etc... For more information you have mail and you can contact him for more informations.


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