Kiev, Ukraine


3D Nation is a true pioneer of sound, creating their own musical cosmos of energetic, melodic and dreamy productions. Their passion and talent for all things music run through the time like a red thread. With an initial focus on electronic beats, 3D Nation soon developed own music vision that later transferred into electronic music with ease. What has stayed the same however, is their determination to get the best out of every single one of their productions. Ambition, determination and a likeable, cosmopolitan personality make 3D Nation into an authentic artists with great love for detail. This has not gone unnoticed and their first releases have received considerable attention and acclaim. With only year and a half after start they have already made some noise not only in Ukraine, but in Europe also. 3D Nation made their way to semi-finals of Eurovision song contest in Ukraine’s selection. After huge amount of concerts in Kiev they made their first tour to Poland and Germany. It made a great resonance in public and they got even more appreciation and fans than it was expected. 3D Nations’ first release has been added to 9 compilation already. Their summer hit “Miami” stays hot all year long. 3D Nation has already released tracks on labels like “Club Traxx”, “Celebration”, “Acuna Boyz Productions”, “Acuna”, “Acunadeep”, “Ruli Media” from UK, in addition to several smaller releases. They love to experiment with new sounds and styles, and you never know what they will deliver next — the only thing that’s guaranteed is that it will be powerful, unique, and sharp.


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