Exit Label Releases
image Laura 2000
Pobiću se zadnji put da vidim da l' sam star
Released 23/12/2010
Laura 2000
EP "...pobiću se zadnji put da vidim da l' sam star" ("I'll Get Into a Fight One Last Time to See if I'm Old") is a special release for Exit Label. Laura 2000 takes you on a journey with Leo Martin, Nada Knežević, Korni Band, domestic classics.

"After the most beautiful and nostalgic song in our pop music - "Nikad više" ("Never Again") by Bisera Valetanlis, a song to which we dressed up and got ready to go out... after a successful reanimation of domestic club life, after the biggest summer hit "Ima vremena" ("There's Time") by Leo Martin...

The journey to a better music future continues..."
image Partibrejkers
Krš i lom
Released 24/11/2010
"Krš i lom" is a live release by Partibrejkers, one of the most influential rock and roll bands in the territory of former Yugoslavia. It is a reminder of their most significant moments, recorded live in Dom Omladine, Belgrade, in March 2009.

Next to "Kosmos u tvom srcu, igracke se voze levom rukom" by Obojeni Program, that started our online label, this release by Partibrejkers is a definite best of you need to have. Enjoy!
image TBD
Standard Progressive
Released 25/06/2010
"Standard Progressive" is the first album by Trance Balkan Desorganisation.

This band brings together two generations of musicians from Novi Sad: a bit older blues punks and electronic hip-hoppers with the goal to create something new and different. They are: Cina (Obojeni Program) – drums, Špira (ex Hain Teny) - vocals, efx, percussion, Bebec (Boye) - bass, vocals, guitar, Dj Dee (Hain Teny). Miša Romić (Obojeni Program) joins the band occasionally and is in charge of sound.

They manage to be both moderate and progressive, to blend the great amount of electronica and obvious planning of every detail with the rawness of ordinary drum and distorted bass guitar, mixing hip-hop and breakbeat on one, with punk, blues and funk on the other side. The lyrics are moderate but still engaged, functioning to bring the audience up, and their gigs are fierce and rhythmical.
image Lollobrigida
Bivša cura
Released 24/06/2010
"The most blingy Croatian electro bubblegum duo, formerly known as Lollobrigida girls, started their music career 6 years ago as a karaoke attraction with a sexy matrix. Having become bored with carrying their own suitcases, costumes and synthesizers, the girls decided to bring a boy back up in. With "the singing models" (Ida and Petra), in the last couple of years, stage parties have also been made by new "Lolla Collective" members - Shinec (Pips guitarist), and three Slovenian guys (!!!): Kleemar (has his own IDM project Kleemar), David (Sphericube) and Jernej ( ex Psycho-Path).

In one word - VIS Lollobrigida. Louder and more bizarre and more beautiful than ever, this marvelous kinky-pop band will play at your party too. Only if you dare..."

And we do. Time and time again :). "Bivša cura" ("Ex Girlfriend") is the single that announces their second album.
image Ritam Nereda
Paralelni svet
Released 14/06/2010
Ritam Nereda
"Parallel World" is the tenth album by Novi Sad-based band Ritam Nereda. According to many, this is their best and the most mature release to date. Hard and sharp sound, recognizable choruses, powerful bits and a high-quality production, are some of the things that make this release necessary to have, not only for the fans, but for all guitar sound lovers.

The album was recorded in Belgrade and Ljubljana, by the band consisting of: a guitarist, lead singer, writer and drummer PJ, the bass player Mire and a new guitarist Sale Fris.

With their abundant discography, numerous releases under various labels in the 20 years of their existence, Ritam Nereda have provided themselves with a substantial fan base, and high sales rates for Serbian conditions, being a rare example of a very prolific band. Many of their songs have become major hits, growing into classics - Heroj, Ne, Put Beznada, Crno je sve, Sećanja, 10 godina, Hiljade...
image The Good Guys
Released 06/06/2010
The Good Guys
The very attempt to play electronica, that the audience in these areas is still insecure about, is worth attention even only as such. Also, Atlas as an album is a worthy, full music experience, motivated by the desire to emphasize the specific dance energy that follows the trends and uncompromisingly attacks standards present in domestic electronic scene.

TGG music expression that varies from a sort of a parody on the music directions to immaculate production, is a must-have for this year. It is a fresh and original addition to the growing music potential in Serbia.

While we wait for TGG to play again, we can listen to the sound of this album. We recommend the version involving a good house sound system :).
image Nežni Dalibor
Sredstva i veštine
Released 04/06/2010
Nežni Dalibor
image Jarboli
Buđanje proleća
Released 31/03/2010
image Overdrive
Released 15/03/2010
Overdrive band was founded by the guitarist Dragan Midorović in Zrenjanin, Serbia, in 1994. From the very beginning, they have nourished a firm guitar sound with a recognizable energetic vocal, that represents the band even today. Their first album „No More Words“ was released in 1997, and this is when they made their first video for „Wake Up You Blind Man“, that had a great success with the audience. Their second album „Everything’s Fine” was released in 2000, and the third, „Movement“ in 2004. Apart from the songs made in a studio, this album contains concert footage of their previous releases, as well as a cover of Madonna's "Erotica".
image Repetitor
Sve što vidim je prvi put
Released 26/02/2010
Repetitor gathered in 2005 in Belgrade, when Ana-Marija Cupin joined Milena Milutinovic and Boris Vlastelica, who had been playing together for a while before that. Since they released the hard copy of their first album „Sve što vidim je prvi put“ ("All I see is for the first time"), Repetitor have grown from a young promising band to a band the most spoken of in the domestic music scene. With a few other enthusiasts (such as Odličan Hrčak, Popboks and Digimedia), they are putting up a great fight to awaken the numb domestic scene, which is a great challenge for such a young band.

A one-time winners of Art&Music Festival award for the most promising unsigned band (for the first time by united votes of jury and the audience), today are the synonym for Serbian scene that has the power and the energy to put up a great show, and the strength to shake up a bit older rock'n'roll lovers.
image Fatboy Jr
Music for the People
Released 27/11/2009
Fatboy Jr
Marko Nastić, aka Fatboy Jr and Exit Label are giving you "Music For The People", a new album by the most famuos Serbian DJ.

His releases so far, as well as his stormy performances on three audio systems that gather tribal and tech-house, elektro and tehno, and his club productions for Umek's and Kanzyani's label "Earrisistible", have turned him from a loved local performer to a DJ wanted all over the world. He is also a founder of Recon Warriors label.
image E-Play
Drago mi je da smo se upoznali
Released 19/06/2009
The new album of Belgrade electro-rock, drum'n'bass band E-Play is "Drago mi je da smo se upoznali" (Nice to Meet You).

E PLay are a quarter from Belgrade, half boys-half girls, with an undisputed talent they invest in their electro rock, drum'n'bass and other rhythms.Their music is our window towards the world when it comes to this relatively new genre, and they have given a proof of their quality through their three releases, one of them reaching a cult popularity for being a soundtrack for domestic film, "Munje" (Lightings).

And they are: Biljana Todorovski, Damjan Dašić, Marko Milivojević and Maja Cvetković.
image Obojeni Program
Igračke se voze levom rukom
Released 19/06/2009
Obojeni Program

An album by one of the most influential local rock bands - Kosmos u tvom srcu/Igračke se voze levom rukom (Cosmos in your heart / Toys are Driven by the Left Hand), our first real online edition. The album contains 20 songs, five of which are remixes, and what is interesting is that this is a best of, compilation of songs that were played again and now they are actually new songs. It was produced by Boris Mladenović, and the result of his work will come as a surprise to many Obojeni Program listeners and lovers. The new sound was contributed to by Smoking J, who added electronica to the band's live gig (the album was recorded "in the groove"). Obojeni Program gathered in 1980 in Novi Sad, and the first album was released in 1990. They are the only domestic band that appeared in the legendary show from better days MTV "120 Minutes" and which is included in alternative rock Pope John Peel's playlist. With previous, seventh album, the band completed a cycle of their creativity, making the acronyme Novi Sad out of the first letters of their albums. letter of the album. In 29 years, several dozen of people have gone through the band, and the current lineup is the longest-running and the most successful. It consists of Kebra - vocals, Dragan - guitar, Ljuba - bass, Cina - drums, Misha - gruvboks machinery and electronics.