Branimir Rosic - Zivot je tombola - La Vida Tombola (Manu Chao)

Dear fans of EXIT and the music of EXIT Label, we are happy to announce another musical story coming your way! As it usually happens with inspiration of life that is able to create, we are not missing out on an interesting story. So, an introductory, and according to the author, a nice story that really matters is about to follow... 

“The 8th of April, 2011. Day of the Romani people. A gathering with the youngest Romani people from the Novi Sad area was organized by my friends and colleagues from SKC Novi Sad. The concept was to animate them with my flying guitar, to sing child anthems together, have a lot of fun and drive the worries away for a day at least. That very day, Manu Chao, who was on the La Ventura tour, had a concert in Novi Sad. The organizers mentioned an event at SKC Fabrika to him, and to everybody’s surprise, Manu wanted to attend the event personally, and give his greetings to our little buddies. To the excitement of everyone, we sang several songs together, among which was “La Vida es una Tombola” (or “Life is a Lottery”). Spontaneously, as many beautiful things in life happen, I sang the liberally translated lyrics – a verse, a chorus, and he seemed to really like it. Unexpectedly, he liked the atmosphere, the interpretation, the energy, the idea of working with our little friends and the room’s sincere reaction. Manu Chao as our friend for a whole day, and his team suggests that I appear at his concert and perform the “Lottery” from SKC Fabrika! So, there is another intro to the story and the collaboration with Manu Chao. We exchanged personal contact information, we bonded creatively and the idea got its wings. My version of the song was realized with full consent of Manu Chao, as the author, as well as his his label and management. Manu also wanted to hear the song, and when he received the final mix, made together with the producer Đani Pervan, he liked how it sounded and added - “Artistic OK.super OK.go straight!” – which was a good push for continuation of realizing the whole story.”

So, we have a fresh thing at the label, Branimir Rosić’s solo EP “Život je Tombola”, or “Life’s a Lottery”! The album was recorded and produced by Đani Pervan, who is known to the audience as the producer behind the works of Letu Štuke and Darko Rundek. It was recorded in Sarajevo during July 2012. It features five new, mature and very melodic songs of the young singer-songwriter. “Cvet iz Tame” (A Flower of Darkness), ”Viva La Provance”, “Ako Želiš” (If You Want), “Zadnja prilika” (The Last Chance), and of course, ” Život je Tombola” offer a half an hour of sheer Rock'n'Roll enjoyment, pictures and emotions caught in the life around us and inside of us; the things that we keep to ourselves, the way we react and how we would like to react to everything this times give us. This album is a truly original and fresh piece, and we are facing many challenges, because at the end, life is a game, it is a lottery. Waiting for the album, let’s play lottery together with this single! We believe that you will enjoy it, and at least identify with some of the songs, and we are happy to recommend it to you!


Branimir Rosić – vokal, gitara, bas gitara
Đani Pervan – bubnjevi, perkusije, prateci vokal
Dušan Vranić – harmonika
Miks i mastering – Đani Pervan