Sofia, Bulgaria


VISUAL ARTIST and LIGHT JOCKEY master in DESIGN Specialized in BRANDING Certified SNOWBOARD INSTRUCTOR Founder of KONNEKTOR. - Event agency based in sofia. An underground music platform and an art movement Passionate about MUSIC and the deeper meaning behind the tracks. His music selection varies from House, Deep House, Tech House, Minimal, Melodic House & Techno. Martin Nikolov is the real name of the person who stands behind the stage-name Silent Citizen. A silent in words but active in action citizen of the world. Love to share his music and energy with the crowd. Think of a set as a story that needs to have an "exposition" where the listener can enter smoothly into the "complication" in which is introduced the conflict of the story. Only after this can he experience the "rising action" and the "climax". As everything in life here as well, the story comes to an end. To wit a really smooth "resolution" follows and the listener is taken out of the trance state and introduced again to the real life so he can take with him an experience, a pure bliss, a beautiful story that he can't explain or tell :)


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House, Minimal, Techno