Pula, Croatia


Brutally honest, creative and constantly evolving, Croatian based Infernal Tenebra withstood the test of time in the realms of the metal underground. Originating with pure black metal in the eclipse of 1999, adding a death metal foundation in the following years, with two monumental albums “Beneath the Twilight” and “The Essence of Chaos”, the band is heading to a new chapter of its journey to hell and back with the album “New Formed Revelations” (released by Massacre Records), produced at Fascination Street Studios by Jens Bogren (Katatonia, Paradise Lost, Amon Amarth). With rock solid rhythms, dynamic and technical solos, powerful vocals and the will to concentrate on their music and compositions rather than only performance, Infernal Tenebra is the true monument of Croatian extreme metal music. Featured in many magazines like Metal Hammer, Terrorizer (Fear Candy CD), Legacy, Poewrplay etc. Sharing stage and opening for a vast number of metal icons including Exodus, Blind Guardian, Agathodaimon, Pro-pain, Grave Digger, Fear Factory and Devin Townsend, the band is extremely passionate to play live shows. Infernal Tenebra played some big metal festivals like Bloodstock Open Air UK, Metalfest, Metal Mania Open Air, Metal Camp and more will follow. In 2013, Infernal Tenebra played Trondheim MetalFest in Norway (March) and PPM Fest in Belgium (April) with more festivals and tours coming.


Beneath the Twilight (2001), The Essence of Chaos (2007), New Formed Revelations (2012)

Formed in



Darko Etinger (guitars/vocals), Ivo Petrović (guitars), Paolo Grižonič (bass), Sebastain Stell (drums)


Death Metal, Thrash Metal,