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American based Hip Hop artist Afu-Ra is a Brooklyn MC who loves the stage and his music is his passion. The expression of himself through his music is present in his five successful albums. Touring around the world and dazzling crowds with an entertaining energy filled performance has been uplifting to help develop and maintain his global fan base in the current market today. Afu-Ra is a member of the GangStarr Foundation and has worked on several hit songs with the one and only Dj Premier and many other great producers and artists. The Beginning of his career was highlighted by a stellar performance on Jeru the Damaja’s first two albums. Afu-Ra. Shortly after through the release of his Classic bodies of work has gained continued progress and a amazing playlist of songs with such great artists as Big Daddy Kane, Dj Muggs, Cocoa Brovaz, Sean Price, PF Cuttin, Guru, RZA, Masta Killa, GZA, Teena Marie, Ky-Mani Marley, Sian Super Crew, DJ Tomeek, Royce Da 59, Gentleman, Les Nubians, Easy Moe Bee, The Beatminerz, Sadat X, Vinnie Paz ,True Master and many others. Afu-ra has performed in over 25 countries and has sold over 350,000 albums to date. He has his sights set on continuing to tour the world, developing his “Afu-Ra one of a kind” fashion line and finishing His new book The MasterChef manual that will complement the MasterChef LP. Afu-Ra has set new heights with the cultivation of his 5th album to date “The Master Chef” and Combining forces with UTC Under The Crown Music conglomerate for added development and influence aimed at boosting the veterans career in music. featuring producer PF Cuttin and legendary reggae artist from Jamaica Sizzla. The growth that has been gained will become evident with more message within Afu-ra’s life and his new found direction in his existence to practice better holistic politics.Afu-Ra is constantly a challenge to himself and staying healthy is his lifelong quest to be the best at whatever he gets involved with and currently is doing his best and is very positive about his future.


AFU-RA THE BODY OF THE LIFEFORCE 1 "Intro [The Body Of The Life Force]" 5 Boro Deep Asun The Black Sun 2 "Soul Assassination" DJ Muggs Afu-Ra 3 "Defeat" DJ Premier Afu-Ra 4 "Bigacts Littleacts" True Master Afu-Ra, GZA 5 "Quotations" Afu-Ra 6 "D&D Soundclash" Da Beatminerz Afu-Ra, Jahdan, Smif-N-Wessun 7 "Mic Stance" DJ Premier Afu-Ra 8 "Caliente" Joe Quinde Afu-Ra, Rasheedah 9 "All That" Mike Rone Afu-Ra, H. Stax, Krumbsnatcha 10 "Headqcourterz [Skit]" Headqcourterz 11 "Self Mastery" DJ Roach Afu-Ra 12 "Visions [Skit]" DJ Premier *Instrumental* 13 "Mortal Kombat" DJ Roach Afu-Ra, Masta Killa 14 "Warfare" Mike Rone Afu-Ra, M.O.P. 15 "Equality" DJ Premier Afu-Ra, Ky-Mani Marley 16 "Monotony" DJ Premier Afu-Ra 17 "Bring It Right" P. King Afu-Ra 18 "Whirlwind Thru Cities AFU-RA Life Force Radio "Asun/The Message" Woogie Asun The Black Sun 2 "Scat Man" Eric S Afu-Ra 3 "Stick Up" Curt Cazal Afu-Ra, Big Daddy Kane 4 "Hip Hop" Easy Mo Bee Afu-Ra, Respect 5 "Crossfire" Eric S Afu-Ra, M.O.P. 6 "Open" Domingo Afu-Ra, Teena Marie 7 "Lyrical Monster" DJ Premier Afu-Ra 8 "Miss You" Needlz Afu-Ra, Alana Da Fonseca 9 "Perverted Monks" Easy Mo Bee Afu-Ra 10 "Ghetto City Streets (Skit)" *Interlude* 11 "Readjustment" Easy Mo Bee Afu-Ra, Q 12 "1,2,3" Curt Cazal Afu-Ra 13 "Think Before You..." Ayatollah Afu-Ra, Jahdan Afu-Ra Presents Perverted Monks est le troisième album studio d'Afu-Ra, sorti le 24 février 2004. 1. Ohm Afu-Ra 1:17 2. Backtadacrib Mike Rone 3:55 3. Gully P.F. Cuttin' 3:45 4. AquaMon P.F. Cuttin' 3:11 5. Doin' It Gang Du Lyon 3:18 6. Understanding Afu-Ra 3:47 7. Make Ya Wanna Ill Will Fulton 3:43 8. Sun God Baby Dooks 3:14 9. It's On Afu-Ra 3:30 10. Hottie DJ Tomekk 4:37 11. Afu-Ra P.F. Cuttin' 3:47 12. Naked Domingo 4:46 13. Freak P.F. Cuttin' 4:21 State of the Arts 1. "Intro" 2. "God of Rap" (used in NBA Live 06 soundtrack) 3. "Power (Skit #1)" 4. "Pusha" (feat. Royce da 5'9") 5. "Prankster" 6. "Livin Like Dat" (feat. Masta Killa) 7. "Rumble" 8. "Power (Skit #2)" 9. "Why Cry" (feat. Gentleman) 10. "Ghetto Hell" 11. "Cry Baby" (feat. Lady Blue, Q) 12. "Dynamite" 13. "Sucka Free" 14. "Deal wit It" (feat. Kardinal Offishall, Jahdon) 15. "BK Dance" 16. "Only U" 17. "Poisonous Taoist" 18. "Power (Skit #3) Afu-Ra ‎– Body Of The Life Force Part 2 1 Intro Scratches – Dj Kanzer 2 Body Of The Life Force 3 Lyrics Fly 4 Freedom 5 Double Barrell Featuring – Biga Ranx 6 Money 7 Hate It Backing Vocals – Leopoldine Angot, Myriam Saw 8 Hip Hop Kid Backing Vocals – Leopoldine Angot, Myriam Saw 9 Gruppie Girl 10 Interlude Scratches – DJ Toshi (2) 11 What You Want 12 Interlude 13 Haterz 14 Know 1 Backing Vocals – Leopoldine Angot, Myriam Saw 15 So Amazing 16 Warrior Featuring – Lyricson 17 From Brooklyn To Jamski Featuring – Aya Waska, M.O.P. 18 Pussy Clot Featuring – Sadat X, Sean Price 19 Big Boys Featuring – C-Rayz Walz, Guilty Simpson, Hannibal Stax, Nine, Vinnie Paz

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